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Despite of a huge variety of the musical programs, now existing in the market, I prefer products of firm Steinberg. Perhaps, it is the very first firm which has begun release of products even for the computers Atari and Macintosh. And a pioneer, if it improves the products, and there is a pioneer indeed. I wrote arrangenments for synthesizers Yamaha PSR-620 in Cubase SX, and combination of information and overlay of effects carried out in WaveLab 4.0.

The songs are written in 1991-1996. Though, this business, probably, coming. And as to the arrangements I think it is another thing. Therefore now more I try to penetrate in a detail, but to think global. As it would be desirable more to see (or to hear) result of creation. Let even somewhere and not absolutely professional (from the point of view of quality of sounding, and the result can also performance, but nevertheless is a real result.

Probably my musical creavity began at school, when I and Aleksy Sorokin, friend of mine, decided to record an album. We used an usual tape recorder, and a guitar and everything like saucepan, bottles and everything served as musical instruments.
It was interesting indeed. My musical dealing proceeded with Dennis Lermontov when we are appointed to be as DJs. We have created a group, and began to work out the songs' program of popular singers, which performed subsequently for veterans of vocational education, the grandmothers and grandfathers. And, thus, as smoothly send to earn money in pedestrian subways. Having played two years with a cardboard box, we unexpectedly arranged at Mountain Eagle restaurant near the Zoo.Here I met with Mikhail Inozemtsev and Alexsy Samokhin, and we continued our activity together. We have been performing since 1991-1993. In the same time I tried to record at home the concerts and the Mikhails' albums as well, inviting the professional musicians. One time Sheleg appeared with champagne and pineapples:). It happened, also, Igor Lavrentiev and Vadim Surbeyev came to write down soul of a theme which suddenly seized us... In 1993 I has tried to participate at MINI'93 musical festival as a participant. I have written down arrangement to a song "I and Night ", and performed. It was broadcasted on TV, however I failed to be at the final of the festival. In 1994 I joined the army, where owe to Mr. Ovyaginyan, our political commissar I could continue activity rather quickly, so my military service has passed with synthesizer and trumpet which I learnt to blow. The most important thing I could work at my compositions and arrangements long time. Well, having left the army, I continued to write arrangements for Yamaha PSR-620 in its format (I decided to renew my restaurant art). I prepared more than 65 files, but the times, as it is known, have changed, and it became more difficult to earn with music...

SFX-archive in a format SGD for synthesizer Yamaha PSR-620

The files may be played on Yamaha synthesizers of 20-50 series only . For loading you need to format a diskette on 720 Kb (better directly in synthesizer) and write down files in the disk drive, by sticking scotch the right window of a diskette.

The archive of my restaurant's MIDI files.

On it, basically, my activity comes to an end, up to the recent moment, when I has decided to use advantage of the computer for musical activity. Well, and that it has turned out you may judge yourself :)

Alexander Feodorov
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