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To creation of this resource me has induced, probably, it is more, usual aspiration to make something, not similar to others, well, and probably, to lay out the creativity on a general review (suddenly something interesting will prompt). And I, think, I shall do attempt in imposition and everyones there of features of a code. Well and that eventually it has turned out - to judge to you!

The bibliography here to state I shall not be, I shall tell only, that I work in normal collective from any sort as computer and office engineering. Well, and I take a great interest, actually, normal music, which I try itself to write, arrange and execute, for what has decided to create these a little pages, which you now attentively study.

Write your offers and wishes, both concerning site, and on any - there creative issues.

I offer your attention performance of a complex of works on designing, installation, adjustment and further service SCN, telephone and computer networks, and also security and fire signal system.
I shall be glad to consider any your offers!

Alexander Feodorov
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Photos of a resource - Alexey Sorokin. deeps@mail.ru
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