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Alexander Feodorov's homepage. ABOUT ME

My name's Alexander Feodorov. I was born in St.-Petersburg sity, September, 1976, where in other, and I live on the sly. Any especially of roughly proceeding events was slightly, so the memoirs while, I think, will wait. Then somehow, on leisure... As to education, I have gratuated from the SPB Instrument-making technical school on a speciality 2202 " the Automatized systems and so on", the SPB regional college of culture and art , the musical chief of an orchestra of national musical instruments ", SPB State Institute of the Precise Mechanics and Optics on speciality 2201 " Computer Complexes, Computers, Systems and Networks ". Also, since 1994 to 1996 I managed to participate at construction group at a town of Metallostroi. Not without excesses, certainly, but was successful... I has managed already to grow up to a senior sergeant. Well done...

Actually since my childhood I have a great interest in music. I was interesting in accordion, guitar, piano, and sing in chorus. During my service in armyI have great experience playing the trumpet, and at the end of my service I played the domra. Some years I have been playing the synthesizer at St.-Petersburg's canteens, but eventually has understood, that in anything good it will not result, and "bucks" now by it especially will not earn. So, I has decided to choose a technical channel (from the point of view of earnings on life). Since 1997 I have worked at Tsarskoselsky Plant - Sophia Ltd as a chief of Cumputing Center. I engaged in controlling and servers' support on S Novell, NT, Windows 2000, applied programming SQL, FoxPro, programming on C++ , Delphi.

As to creativity, I do a little bit musical arranges, basically, on the earlier composed songs. In 1993 I tried itself at the television festival MINI-93, however I turned out in not my own. Well, and other ways, as it is known, requires mammoth sums of money investments, that while, unfortunately to afford I can not.

I am ready to consider your offers concerning work (as permanent, and combine jobs). I own experience both knowledge of installation and adjustment of telephone and computer networks, security and fire signal system, applied programming of systems 1C, Galaxy and so on. The resume you can be looked here.

Alexander Feodorov
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